February 2022, third printing of 1st Edition:
  • None yet.

October 2021, second printing of 1st Edition:
  • Spelling: "Berge" should be "Birge" on p. 2.
  • Spelling: "their" should be revised to "they're" on p. 120.
  • Reference: 3.3.3 should be 3.3.4 on p. 316.

September 2021 pre-publication printing of 1st Edition (distributed for free as an examination copy to multiple readers). Please accept my apologies for these typographical errors. They have all been fixed in later editions.
  • Wrong word: p.31 "isles" should be "aisles".
  • Plural: p. 77 "strong student" should be "strong students"
  • Spelling: p. 98 "overtime" should be "over time".
  • Missing word: p. 118 "...the font so small..." should be "...the font is so small..."
  • Spelling: p. 137 "bif first-year" should be "big first-year".
  • Spelling: p. 138 "calss" should be "class".
  • Missing word: p. 211 "back the envelope" should be "back of the envelope".
  • Extra word: p. 264 "thereexams" should just be "exams"
  • Spelling: p. 298 "wrtie" should be "write".
  • Plural: p. 349 "inappropriate appearances" should be "inappropriate appearance".
  • Missing word: p. 351 "I would be reprimanded" should be "I would rather be reprimanded".
  • Wrong word: "have be" should be "have been".
  • Reference item out of order: p. 387 Chan (2016) should appear several items earlier in the list of references.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2022